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July 7, 2011


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Ohhhh hai my friends! :giggle:

    FIRSTLY --> I am sorry, that I was not very active on DeviantART lately, but I've got great news!
I got accepted to the University - course Computer Visualisation and Animation. I am soooooo excited. Scared... Excited... Oh and scared...  And of course.. excited! :iconrlytearplz:
So be prepared for new deviations, because now (when I have endless free time) I will try to create amazing things, deviations, videos, ... And I hope you guys will like them. *fingers crossed*

     and SECONDLY --> I was wondering if you heard about craziest contest on DA. It was created by ShaJun and its idea is simple -- pageviews pageviews pageviews... (Link is here if you are interested… And then I realised one THING!
:star: ,, XaXushqa has 21,282 pageviews total and their 96 deviations were viewed 102,229 times.  " :star:
Seriously? Thank you guys so much for support, faves, pageviews and critiques - I am so happy! I know that my art gallery is not... perfect, but I will try to improve myself and do my very best. I also know, that my English is still horrible and it can make you nervous sometimes. :(

     one LAST THING --> For those who haven't seen my own website, click if you want to see what I made and tell me what do you think about it.   
Website is compatible with most of web browsers and also iPhone and iPad, but for the best results I recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Artwork on this website, videos, edition and website itself were created all by myself ! :nod:

So thank you again :huggle:

  • Mood: Relief
ZakariYotoka Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Congrats =D remember to always give your best!! enjoy every second of it!!
XaXushqa Jul 8, 2011  Student
:bow: Thank you! :huggle:
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